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Sigil the Marsh Warden

The Sigil project was a great learning experience for me. All the time and effort was truly worth it.
I was responsible mainly for texturing. Modeling, rigging and composite was done by Bruno Malta - - preview of the champion launch website - website for Sigil launch, showcasing the abilities, splash art and more

Concept by Wiliam Ciou
Splash art by Aleksandr Adamovich, Alex Levielle, Villiam Ciou, Emma Jonsson

This is a community fan-made project. Thanks team!
More information about the team and the champion is available on the website.

Zuzana bubenova sigiltexture
Zuzana bubenova sigilbeautyshot
Zuzana bubenova sigilchroma

Classic Sigil

Adamant Sigil

Indigo Sigil

Viridian Sigil